Monday, September 19, 2011

pink and pretty please

My two oldest girls have been sharing a room for over four years.  And they have been doing it rather well (unlike my sister and I who had masking tape down the middle of the room with "don't dare cross" scribbled on it- I'm sure they'll go there eventually though...).  For Brooklyn and Ellie, first it was a toddler bed and a crib.  Then it was a toddler bed and a pack n play (when we lived with my parents for six months).  Then back to a toddler bed and a crib.  Then two identical toddler beds.  And now finally, they are both big girls, big enough to share a bunk bed.  They had been asking for bunk beds for a while (what kids don't?) and of course Craig's list comes through again.  The new bed started the expected chain of events of reorganizing and redecorating the room. Here's what we have going now...
bunk beds- Craig's (and lucky for us it was already gray!)
dresser- Craig's (didn't get as lucky with this one and had to sand down and repaint)
doily bunting- thrifted bias tape, paper doilies, scrapbook paper scraps
jewelry box- Target
lamp shade-inspired by Shauna at The Reed Life

bedspreads- TJ Maxx (just got one in the neighborhood- booyah)
vintage hangers/girly prints- thrifted, mod-podged, and downloaded
glitter chandelier-Target dollar bin (Halloween decoration)
framed initials-inspired by Heather at Life Made Lovely
milk glass lamp- Ebay, with a little paint and some inspiration from Lindsay at The Pleated Poppy
desk- Craig's (already white!)


  1. Is the headboard for the bunk beds a shelf? Brilliant x 1 million. I am in love with that idea.


  2. Ooooh it's so lovely!! I wish my room looked like that! :0)

  3. oh my word, this bedroom is just darling!!! umm i am so adding this to pintrest lol! nicely done. I found two full size vintage iron beds for my kids (ridiculously cheap too) but now they might share a i am on the hunt again :)

  4. I love the colors and details. You have such a great eye for design.

  5. wow! this is beyond beautiful! my daughter would love it! what a sweet momma!

  6. i'm dying!! their room is amazing erin. great job. um, yes, we can be friends!! you and i can hang out, search etsy and craigslist all day long, sound dreamy? and please please tell me you have't sold your matching toddler beds yet? we might have identical lives, but i'm living your life in a four year echo! i'd love if you could just save me the mistakes, and tell me what to do please. :) (oh, aria went rolling away in the target shopping cart today, who'd that remind me of?) you're welcome into my life anytime.