Saturday, July 31, 2010


The girls rode their bikes to the park today for the first time. It was a brave endeavor considering they aren't really bike riders like some kids are. I have friends whose kids were riding two wheelers at 2 years old. This is not my girls. I wouldn't be surprised if the training wheels never came off. But they actually made it there and back (luckily only about 4 blocks each way). I had to give Ellie constant coaching- stay in the middle, keep your feet on the pedals and push, push, push. And I only had to convince her twice that leaving her bike and coming back to get it later was not a good idea.

Leighton was a trooper on my back the whole time.

Ellie insists on being barefoot the second we get to the park.
That girl would play barefoot on a bed of nails I think.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Lovin' World Market

Last night Brett and I stopped in to World Market (my absolutely fave home store there is). And its a good thing he was with me to bridle my urge to buy some of these delicious items. I woke up thinking about them and how I can get back there to purchase them (and about 20 other things only available in the store).

These remind me of Grandma

I'm very into spindles right now

This would be perfect as a part of my newest project - a mirror montage

Who can resist this adorable hook?
(BTW they have quite a few Anthropologesque knobs there for less than 1/2 the price)

Is this the perfect pillow I've been searching for?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Ten years ago I married the most amazing man, and each day since then I've been reminded of this. Understanding, patient, kind, entertaining, loving, committed, trustworthy, supportive, forgiving, honest, sacrificial, thoughtful, and that doesn't even scratch the surface. I love this guy more than ever. Thanks for 10 amazing years Brett.

...and he loves me even if I'm not the twenty something hottie he married. Almost but not quite...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Valley Crafters

This is where we spent a good bit of time at the Walking Lazy M. Not so easy to sew with a baby in your arms, but we made it happen. Leighton looks like I'm giving her a lesson, like any second she's going to say, "I think I got it Mom, let me give her a try." (Please note my hair is not black, just greasy, I hadn't showered at this point. Also please note the amazing decor of Steph's throwback kitchen- I love it!))

We even got the big girls involved with a little embroidery. We just let them draw a picture with a transfer pen (the rainbow was a great starter with only 6 lines) and then taught the back-stitch and the were sewing like pros.
Our biggest project was saved for after hours when the kiddos were all asleep. Improv pillow case dresses I like to call them. Super easy and fun. We tried to follow a cheesy tutorial but the internet connection was so slow we ended up watching it after we were done to make sure we did it right. I have to saay ours turned out better- french seams and all.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Valley Visit

We spent the week visiting the valley and our good friends at the Walking Lazy M. This was the second summer we made the trip up and we loved every minute of it. The pace of life is so much slower and simpler there. I love the cool fresh mornings and the blazing hot afternoons. I love the smell of dirt mixed with fruit ripening. I love that their farm reminds me so much of my grandparents place. I want to go there every single summer.

We stared off the summer produce extravaganza by picking blueberries and blackberries at a local farm. Lots were eaten, and a few made it into the bag, and later into blueberry pancakes for breakfast.

The picking crew

found...and promptly eaten

farmers feet

Next stop was a local packing shed that had quite the set-up for selling second hand peaches.

If this sign was up, that meant they had the goods.

Now drop your 5 bucks in here (honor system)

And pick up a box of these beauties.

Now here's where the nostalgia kicks in. My grandparents lived on a farm in the central valley as well, and we were always treated to delicious fresh peaches during the summers at their house. Then they would set us up with a whole box to take home. We would have fresh peaches on cereal, over ice cream, and my favorite...on waffles with the family famous white sauce (don't think I didn't indulge in that this very morning!). These peaches taste like nothing you can get in a store. You don't even mind that they juice down your arm when you eat them, or that the strings get caught in your teeth when you bite in. So I wanted the girls to experience eating these peaches like I used to (I even refused Ellie's request to "cut it please mom").

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sunny SD

Finally after living under a thick marine layer for what seemed like months, we've got sun in SD. Now its stinkin' hot, but I can't complain too much because it really feels like summer now. My plan to avoid the heat by heading to my mom's newly air conditioned house has failed as they are in France during this heat wave, and my Grandma is in control of the temp in the house (this is a lady who wears long handled underwear about 98% of the year). So to escape the heat today we took a quick trip to Point Loma where the ocean breeze cools it off a bit. Still pretty hot, but the amazing view makes you forget. Gotta love that place.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Look closely folks...Leighton is no longer all gums!
Tooth #1 made its appearance a couple weeks ago and now #2 is following close behind.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

got you covered

When I realized that this would have to survive another child I decided to do something to cover up 5 years of wear and tear (ie- spilled juice, rogue raisins, goldfish crumbs, lollipop residue, etc. etc.). I used to be good about washing the cover every so often but too many times of removing it made it hard to stay on and Brett literally screwed the cover to the base. Obviously my routine washings have decreased since then. So after 4 hours and minimal frustration, here's the end product. I basically used the old cover as a pattern, sewed all the pieces together and then put elastic all around the edge (allowing for routine removal/washing). Mid project I had to ignore the fact that Ellie told me she liked the old one better, and by the end she let out a squeal of delight when she saw it completed.

This is Ellie's favorite dress that she wants to wear every single day. I have to bribe her big time to get her to wear anything else. So now she tells me, "I'm just going to wear it around the house." I guess its the kid version of sweats- what some wish they could wear everyday, but resign to just wearing around the house.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Surely Shirring

I have been very curious about a sewing technique lately and had to try it for myself. I'd seen it blogged about here and here and saw some things the girl in Maisonette had done with it. So I purchased myself some elastic thread and the shirring began. Let me tell you, very fun and easy to do. Basically you are creating rows of gathered fabric using elastic thread on the bobbin. I'd try to explain it further but I'm sure you could find an excellent tutorial online that would make it much clearer. I decided to try a dress for Ellie using shirring all around the top. Here's the result:

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Salted Caramel Goodness

I made these salted caramel cupcakes for home fellowship this week. You've got to try...very yummy (especially with the homemade caramel). I was a bit skeptical about what adding sea salt to caramel would do but it is actually a perfect blend of sweet and salty. The injecting of the caramel is a bit tricky with the thick homemade stuff but oh so delish!

Saturday, July 10, 2010


With a yard our size "running in the sprinklers" has to be
"standing in the sprinkler" ...but equally as fun.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I had three nights to myself this week as Brett was at a class so what else do I do but craft (and watch a little So you Think You Can Dance of course).

These were inspired by the lovelies at The Pleated Poppy and made from a tutorial at Skip to My Lou. Much easier than I thought they would be. It was the first time I've ever sewn a zipper (had to guess at which the zipper foot was) and it wasn't nearly as hard as the zipper directions made it out to be. My main problem was having to back and forth up and down stairs to the computer and the sewing machine as I tried to follow the tutorial (I guess someone needs a laptop!)
Take a good look because these bibs will never be this clean again. They are mostly for gifts but maybe one will find its way to Leighton's little neck.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Junie B.

Brooklyn and I have gotten into reading this series about an adorable and slightly naughty kindergartner, Junie B. Jones. They are some of the funniest books I have ever read and Brooklyn usually has to stop me from reading the whole book in one sitting (only one chapter a day Mom). I love to hear Brooklyn giggle as we read together. It wont be long before she is reading them to me...

One of my favorite excerpts from Junie B. Jones Is Captain Field Day...
(Junie B. just called her bestest friend named Grace on the phone)
"Grace! Grace! It's me. It's Junie B. Jones! I am so glad to hear your voice! You're not sick, are you, Grace? You're still coming to Field Day right?"
Grace giggled real loud.
"Of course I'm coming to Field Day," she said. " I have to come to Field Day, remember? I am the fastest runner in kindergarten."
I did another frown.
"Okay, here's the thing, Grace. You're not actually supposed to brag about yourself like that. My grampa Miller said that is called 'tooting your own horn.' And it is not even polite."
That Grace did a huffy breath at me.
"I am not tooting my horn, Junie B. I'm just saying the truth. We have lots of slow runners in our class, you know. Like Lucille won't run fast because she doesn't like getting sweaty. And you're not exactly speedy yourself , Junie B."
I sucked in my cheeks at that girl.
"Yeah? So?" I said
"So I'm going to have to give us a big lead," she said, " Cause I'm the only fast one we have."
I made a grouchy face.
"You just tooted again, Grace," I said.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We never had storebought popsicles growing up. It was always homemade orange juice ones made in a Tupperware popsicle maker. I actually have one in the freezer right now, with nutritious apple juice pops waiting for the first girl who will choose them over the super sweet, super juicy, insanely bright colored walmart pops you see here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

First Fourth

Somehow Leighton knew it was appropriate to salute on the 4th of July.

July 4

Hot dogs...


cotton candy...

and icy cold...

sno kones make a perfect July 4.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Vintage Toy Found

Here is the first of my quest for vintage toys (am I really old enough to have my former playthings be called vintage?) I just realized I cut off the tail in the picture, but it was a green wooden ball attached to a spring tail and I can distinctly remember as a kid chewing on that tail and the taste and feel of metal on my teeth. Weird I know.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Maybe she's born with it.... but it sure didn't come from me! All 3 of my girls have been blessed with the most amazing eyelashes, and for someone with stubs-for-lashes, it is something I love to admire.