Thursday, September 8, 2011

mind tricks you won't mind

9:00 pm is my indulgent hour.  Long day nearly over... kiddos finally all asleep... kitchen cleaned (at least partially)...time to wind down and reward myself.  My reward of choice lately in this blasted heat is something cold...icy creamy ice cream what a treat (as Barney would sing).  But unfortunately, this has been the month of denying my flesh its need desire for the sweet stuff.  So in order to give in a little, but not too much, I've tried a self control/mind trick tactic that I learned from a friend (who may be the queen of mind tricks).  If you must indulge...small bowl (like 1/2 cup small), very small spoon (like 1/4 tsp very small), and eat it very slowly.  You have just tricked your mind into thinking you've eaten a large Cold Spoon ice cream with 3 mixins.

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