Wednesday, September 21, 2011

after school art

Every couple months Brooklyn brings home a flyer in her backpack.  A flyer she is sure she wants me to see immediately.  And read immediately.  No, its not a progress report, or even a field tip permission slip.  Its an after school art class flyer.  And to a very arts-and-crafty little girl, its a dream come true.  The thought of creating something out of clay, or sand, or Tye-dyeing a shirt thrills her little soul.  Unfortunately the price never thrills mine.  So as to not completely crush her little artistic spirit, I convince her we can do our own art project just like the one at school, only better, and more, and cheaper.  Enter Michael's... her dream store (other than Dollar Tree of course).  Our latest "art classes" have been sand art and clay.  Thank you Michael's 40% coupon, and thank you still-easily-convincible-age daughter.

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