Monday, September 26, 2011

got me some sugar

So...The Sug  (pronounced "shoog" you know), otherwise known as Blog Sugar, was last night.  Quite an event let me tell you.  There will never be a more unique social setting in all the world.  People knowing people they don't even know.  Recognizing people they've never even met.  And knowing details of their lives that their own mother doesn't know.  Kinda weird and freaky.  But as long as you can keep your sense of humor (which I am pretty good at), you can take it all in stride and enjoy it.  That is if you're not too busy planning a Blog Sugar Saturday Night Live skit in your head.  Everyone wearing brown boots, and either a scarf, rosette necklace, or cardigan.  And toting their DSLR camera with ruffled neck strap.  And introducing themselves as sittinprettymama or carpoolinqeen or craftinmylifeaway, because no one knows their real names are Betty, Sue, or Mary.  But all joking aside, it was a really cool evening.  Decor was simple, cute, and fun.  Food was tasty and carb-full (what, did I think there would be no sugar at blog sugar?).  Speakers were honest and transparent.  God was clearly the center and given the glory.  And... I was a winner! Yes, I won a raffle and got a bag of fabulous goodies (including that adorable necklace up top).  Now isn't that sweet?

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