Friday, September 30, 2011

tv trays

Nearly 30 years ago (yikes), this was my TV tray.  Okay, this is one from etsy, but mine looked just like it.  And I guess technically it could be mine.  Lots of memories of this guy.  Birthday breakfast in bed... tea and toast when I was sick...  And I've been on the hunt for trays for my girls.  Of course I would prefer vintage trays like the one I had, but sensibility tells me to look elsewhere.  Like Walmart elsewhere.  And thrift stores elsewhere.  And our collection is now complete.  And I think the girls would actually prefer ones that say "Pretty Princess" and "You Go Girl" as opposed to Sesame Street, Cabbage Patch Kids, and E.T..

Not quite brave enough to to breakfast in bed but we do dinner on the floor quite well!


  1. I remember these too! What a great idea...but Pretty Princess and You Go Girl not fare well here...did you find any Ugly Monster or Rock On Dude TV trays?

  2. So cute. We have couches that look the same. : )