Saturday, September 24, 2011

sister, home hair, and bubbles

I have to say, I really do have the best sister in the world (although she would argue that she does).  I could just go on and on about all she is, and all she does.  Like Friday (the day we like to spend together with the girlies), she agrees to home hair (which she has reserved ONLY for immediate family).  See, she's an incredible hair stylist and has clients begging her to work more at the salon, but she has chosen to work only a couple times a month so she can stay home with her little girls.  So since her time in the salon is limited, and I've always got at least 2 girlies in tow, I rarely get the treat of having my hair done in her salon.  More times than not, its a rushed bang trim in the bathroom, or front porch, or wherever the girls are playing at the moment.  I know home hair is not fun for her.  I'm sure she'd rather be sitting and talking, or hanging out at the park or something that's not work for her.  But still, she does it for me.  And I so appreciate it. And her.  Totally.
 So as we are completely distracted by the home hair process (Reynolds' foil, bathroom towel around the neck, sitting on the kitchen stool, rinsing hair in the shower...) this is what the girls did to entertain themselves. 
 And we didn't even stop them. 


  1. Haha! The girls were so lucky. I loved doing that as a kid, but it drives me a tad insane when the boys do it. Maybe I'll let it go next time. : )

  2. Yes.I would argue that I have the best sister in the world. I love you and our creative girls..!