Friday, September 9, 2011

the night the nlights went out in...

Yesterday afternoon, I was convinced that I had blown the breaker having multiple fans, computer, TV, and my kickin' AC unit all on at the same time.  But in reality, I wasn't the only one whose plug got pulled.  Last night we, along with 6 million other San Deigans, lost all power for the afternoon and evening.  And I'm talking ALL POWER.  Imagine the far reaching effects that has on life around here.  No stop lights, limited phone service, no internet, no restaurants, stores, nada.  And as I mentioned earlier this week its been pret-ty hot around there parts as well.  But lucky for us, we were able to stay home, swim, cook on our gas stove, and brush teeth and read stories by candlelight.  Back to simpler times.  Kinda felt like we were camping in our own home.   My only concern was that I would loose my new tub of jalapeno yogurt dip (which you absolutely must try!) that we just purchased form Costco and my frozen yogurt.  Not to worry though, we were warned the outage may last into today, but the lights came back on around midnight (I seriously woke up thinking, "who turned on the lights at this hour?") and all was well.  Including yogurt dip and  frozen yogurts.  Plus Brooklyn got a free day off school. 

reading Pollyanna by book light

and darkness covered the land...


  1. We were concerned about our yogurt dip too. Brand new tub as well! We have you to thank for our addiction along with the Tostito Artisan chips!

  2. Minus my concern for our food in the frig, I kind of enjoyed it. : ) The boys had our camping lanterns out and loved it.