Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ellie's Jessie Party

 As Jessie would say...Yeeeehaw! 
We had a fabulous time celebrating Ellie's 4th birthday this weekend.  This "Jessie Party" has been a year in the making (in her little mind) and turned out super cute.  With a serious shortage of Jessie paraphernalia (thanks to her more popular Toy Story costars), we got creative with the cowgirl theme.  And we had a root tootin' good time!
 The Facts:
Goodie bags- squirt guns, trail mix, Toy Story gummies, western silly bands (Oriental Trading Co.)
Stick horses/hats- made from stuffed socks, felt, yarn and dowels (super easy tutorial here), red cowgirl hats (Party City)
Table decor- Jessie dolls, hay bales, buckets filled with peanuts, gingham table cloth, cow print fabric, rope
Bunting- bandanas, cow print fabric tied together
Menu- BBQ chicken sandwiches, baked beans, corn on the cob, pasta salad, watermelon, root beer and lemonade
Cake- made by Grandma of course!

The Fun:
Each girl was greeted by Jesse and received her own Bullseye horse and hat (every cowgirl needs a horse and a hat!).  They then colored pictures of Jessie and Bullseye, made cowgirl necklaces and cowgirl boot magnets (Oriental Trading Co.).  Dinner was served to the cowgirls out on the patio on their own little tables.  They grubbed on chicken, watermelon and lots of root beer.  After dinner, they played a beanbag in the hat game and finished off with presents and cake.

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  1. That pic on the bottom left says it all. You are amazing. I'm serious...party planning career on the side for you. (With all that free time, right?!)