Thursday, May 19, 2011

craft spurt

I've said before that I go through major craft spurts.  Where I have at least a half dozen projects going at the same time and another dozen projects brewing in my mind.  I am currently mid spurt.  Here's a little something that was brewing for a while and has finally come to fruition.  Ever since seeing Lindsey's tray centerpiece on her table, I wanted to try something similar.  For the past 2 years, its been a bowl of potpourri (am I my mother or what?) that has completely lost its aroma and become a major temptation for wandering fingers at the dinner table.  We needed something more functional and fun. 

Red metal tray: $4 ETSY was formerly yellow with a hideous 70's kitchen pattern.  Nothing a little spray paint coat and sand paper rough up can't fix.
S&P shakers: $1 thrifted (not as cool as Lindsey's though)
Napkin Holder: $1 estate sale, another hideous design but spruced her up with more paint
Lovely Turquoise Mason Jar: $2.50 thrifted
Fabric flowers: scrap fabric, kebob skewers and this tutorial (I had been snaking roses form the rose garden in front of our community pool but I think I may have picked them clean- these will last longer anyway).

Much more to come...

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