Wednesday, May 25, 2011

all tied up

I can do!

Not only will Brooklyn finish kindergarten this week, 
she has learned to tie her shoes (finally!).  
My little girl isn't so little anymore.   

PS- Don't ask about the 1/2 laces, its the way the shoes came.  A Sketchers thing I guess.  She has begged to wear them sans laces (7th grade Keds style), but I've refused her, just like my mom did me (we've got narrow heels that make everything slip off).  I distinctly remember getting a pair of shoes for church that had straps you could move to the back and wear them as slip-ons.  As soon as mom was out of sight, I'd slip those babies back and feel oh so grown up.  What do you want to bet Brooklyn has considered doing the same...

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  1. Yay for Brooklyn! One less thing for you to do Mama!