Tuesday, May 3, 2011


from our balcony overlooking Oceanside Harbor- yes that is a train

It had been over 2 years since Brett and I left the girls overnight and got away.  Leighton had never spent a single night away from her momma.  And the older girls hadn't slept on grandma's famous "pull out bed" since Leighton has born.  So this week we took the plunge, went all of 45 minutes north and had a fabulous 24 hours to ourselves.  Brett showed his true love for me eating "rabbit food" at Naked Cafe in Solana Beach (my fave) for lunch on the way up.  Then we split for a little solo time- him surfing me shopping, of course.  Later we met up with some of our greatest friends and had dinner overlooking the harbor, followed by coffee and mud pie over a mad game of hand and foot.  Slept in a king size bed without little ones in between, until 7:30am (woohoo!), got a shower before 8, and had breakfast at one of my all time faves IHOP (don't judge, a girl's gotta have her pancakes.) Then I got to raid the glorious fabric shop Maisonette before heading back home.  Super fun, super relaxing (unlike for my mom who was up at 2 am with a baby who apparently had pack-n-play-aphobia), and super sure to do it again soon- at least before 2013.

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  1. So glad you guys got away. Your pic is adorable. : )