Wednesday, June 1, 2011

boy trouble

Having 3 daughters is definitely a challenge.  And unfortunately we know it will only become more challenging as the girls get older.  Especially when it comes to boys.  Brett dreads this.  This is a guy who teared up in the little Mermaid when King Triton had to give Ariel away.  Luckily, its still a ways away, so Brett will have time to buy a gun and learn kung fu.  But every now and the he gets a (bitter) foretaste of what's to come.

This weekend we were at the beach with some friends from church and Ellie was being followed around by her little friend-of-the-opposite-sex, Alex.  Ellie finally had to tell him, "Alex, I want to be alone."  To which Alex responds,  "I want to be alone to Ellie, but with you."  We're keepin' an eye on you Alex...


  1. i can just picture it the "two fingers from your eyes to his"....awe, we feel your pain!

  2. oh gosh!
    that is a great story!
    my jake would tooootally be the over eager one.
    he just really loves his friends and sometimes gets kinda crazy....
    tell your husband that i promise there ARE a FEW nice boys left....poor guy!