Thursday, August 25, 2011

pottery revelation...the finale

Remember this?  You were probably wondering what ever came of those unfired lumps of clay.  Well, after only 4 months, we were finally able to track them down.  My friend and fellow potter Eli, is taking off on a long and permanent journey to her new home in Japan and just couldn't bear to leave without seeing the fruits of her labor.  And because she is such a good friend, she left hers in my care while she is in Japan (you do remember me saying its a permanent move right?)  She practically left them on my doorstep wrapped in a newspaper like forgotten little orphans.  I don't blame her considering hers weighed nearly as much as a forgotten orphan and would've had to go in her carry on... her only carry on... for 14 hours... at her feet no doubt.
 mine- think Anthro is hiring designers?

 hers- the two ton mug? vase? pencil holder?

ours-neither of us will take credit for them- believe me they look waaaay worse in person- 
the camera works wonders

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