Saturday, August 20, 2011


When I was little, my mom was either living in the land of Holly Hobby (which was the theme for my 7th birthday by the way) or the land of Little House on the Prairie (was it Wisconsin? Kansas?).  I don't know if everyone else's moms were putting bonnets on them, but she couldn't get enough of the bonnets for my sister and me.
 bonnet at 5 months

 bonnet at 7 months

bonnet at 12 months

  And look what she brought over this of the collection- over 30 years old mind you, hand made, and still in great shape.  After putting it on Leighton, I realized that they are actually great for sun protection on the face, and pretty cute too (especially that vintage print).  But I do expect an intervention from my true friends when I have the girls in pinafores and button up boots and calling me "Ma".


  1. You could have told me the first two were Leighton, and I would have believed you. She is your little clone.(: Love the bonnet on her!-Hannah

  2. Little House was in Minnesota, wasn't it? Though it might have been Wisconsin. Too lazy to look it up, though I watch the reruns in the afternoons all the time now. That show's kinda darkly themed--much more than I remembered. We had bonnets, too. I think the 70s must have had an 19th century nostalgia kick or something.


  3. Three things: Wow I thought that was a hipstomatic picture of Leighton, i had a holly hobby birthday too, and you have GOT to start a baby bonnet trend.

  4. She looks adorable it her bonnet. I love that your mom saved it.

  5. You absolutely looked like Leighton! But she does look adorable in your vintage prints. The one kid on the block in the bonnet may be the next trend setter.

  6. i hear the people saying bring back the bonnet!!! could you, should you?