Wednesday, June 8, 2011

pottery revelation

Last night I spent the evening with a dear friend of mine at a pottery class.  I've never really had an interest in pottery (too many other hobbies brewin' I guess), but I couldn't resist an evening out with a friend trying something new.  I had a great time (especially the stop for apple pie afterward!) and learned a few things about myself.

#1 There are artists, and there are crafters. I do consider myself a crafter, but an artist I am not.  I don't have an artistic temperament.  I love symmetry. The "organic, free flowing" vibe is not me at all.  I'm more likely to get inspired by someone else's work than I am to have an original idea.  Therefore, I am not an artist.
#2  I would rather have a vase/mug/platter form Anthropologie than pretty much anything I could create out of clay.  I think the whole pottery thing is a bit earthy for me.  I'm not an earthy girl either.
#3  If its not exactly how I pictured it in my mind, I don't want it.  The other ladies at my table thought I was nuts for scrapping my platter and whipping out a bowl 5 minutes before class was over.  But I wasn't about to keep working on something that wasn't turning out the way I wanted it to.  So I guess I'm a perfectionist.
#4 I need time to come up with ideas.  I have the greatest ideas for what I could make today.  I couldn't stop thinking of ideas.  But last clue what to make.  Hence the following two items.  Which I hope will actually be likable when I get to glaze them- next week.


  1. anthro will be calling you soon.

  2. love it!! they will be beautiful :)

  3. I am exactly all 4 points too. Maybe twice a year I come up with an original idea. Otherwise, I steal.