Friday, August 19, 2011

brought to you by the letter...

This blog post is brought to you by the letter...

A particularly busy week filled with...

PTF- President no less...I'm afraid this may end up sucking some of my blog time (as well as all my other time), but am really excited to see where it goes this year

Photoshop, Picassa,and Picnik- trying to make a dang PTF flyer of course (I have so much to learn!)

Parent night- meet the teacher, sit in tiny first grade chairs, check out the classwork- pretty sure its gonna be a great year

Purple cards- the ultimate in behavior charts for first grade- and Brooklyn already has 3! A world record I'm sure

P90X-okay, so maybe its not the full 90, but we've all got to start somewhere right?  Somewhere for us (Brett and me) has been implementing the diet plan and upping exercise- which means we are supposed to be doing the incredibly cheezy videos together... in a 5x6 foot space...when we scoot the couch back...we' ll see...

postpartum pooch- yes, it has been 20 months since Leighton was born and I'm still dealing with a bit of residual in the mid section, hence the P90

power bars and protein shakes (to trick myself into thinking I'm eating candy and ice cream)

parting with Brooklyn and playing with only a pair of pretty princesses

power walks to parks and playgrounds for playdates

I'm plain petered out I tell you!

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  1. Don't forget that P is for "pffff..." because sometimes they just slip on by ;D