Monday, August 22, 2011

Down a sunny dirt road...

My girls are on a real Berenstain Bears kick lately.  We've gone through our collection multiple times this week.  These are the classics I grew up reading and I love sharing them with the girls.  I have noticed however (as has Brett), that there is quite a misconstrued view of a father's role in the family in many of these books.  It seems as though Papa Bear is always playing a shouting, immature, "dumb dad" role (much like the majority of sitcoms these days).  Mama Bear is always the smarter, wiser, more self-controlled leader of the family, mending all the mistakes Papa, Brother, and Sister Bear make.  Kinda makes you think Jan Berenstein may have had the final edit in this series... But we'll continue to enjoy them anyway, making a point to tell our girls that our Daddy is just as wise, smart, and self-controlled as their Mama ;)


  1. I loved that series as a kid. I'm glad your girls love them, too.

  2. we love them, too! and i guess i should pay closer attention, never noticed papa bear was like that! xoxo