Thursday, August 11, 2011

sweet success

One summer when I was five or six, my grandma was just as determined as I was to catch the ice cream truck in our neighborhood.  Determined enough to run for blocks and blocks in the Arizona heat, waving our arms, screaming for him to stop.  But, to no avail.  He got away, and were relegated to a single scoop from Thrifty's (a much cheaper treat by the way...15 cent cones back then!).

This summer, (30 some years later...ahem) we set out to find our own ice cream truck.  Last week we had one failed attempt.  No running or chasing involved, just ambling through the neighborhood trying to pinpoint the location of the fading tune while not letting the girls get too discouraged., we got him.  I heard the familiar music, charged downstairs, grabbed a wad of cash and ordered Brooklyn to, "Don't let him get away!"  I let the ice cream man know, "We've been waiting all summer for this."  Brookyn informed me she had been waiting her whole life for this. Success, sweet success. 

PS-of course they chose the most freakish looking treats- for the gumballs no doubt.  What is it about gumballs in ice cream that kids can't resist? 


  1. Those gumball eyes are hypnotizing me.


  2. We don't get the ice cream truck in hood. We saw one when we were driving to the beach yesterday. I was tempted to get out at the red light and buy something for my boys.

  3. adorable.
    and i am thirty and still love the gumballs in my ice cream:)

  4. you are so lucky! you got him! and i used to get those SAME treats!