Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thrift on!

I have a favorite thrift store that I've been going to since my college days, when the only thing I was looking for was old Levis and something to wear to 70s skate night.  My how times have changed.  Anyway, Amvets near downtown San Diego is by far the most well stocked, well organized, and well priced thrift store in the county (that is the trifecta of perfection in thrift stores you know).  A guaranteed find each time.  But as you know, as all thrift stores are, a bit of a hairy ordeal getting in and out.  I'm a major starer, so the thrifting crowd is always a distraction.  And I'm always thinking I'll miss something good, so I have to look at literally everything  there is.  My eyes can't stop roaming and it can be quite overstimulating.  And then top it off by adding three kids to the mix.  I'm a fool for even attempting it I know.  Especially on special sale days.  Last week we went on a "50% off misc. items day" and hadn't been there more than 10 minutes when Ellie broke a ceramic thing (don't ask what it was, the first time I saw it it was already in pieces with a 7.95 price tag trying to hold it all together), tipped over the cart (luckily Leighton wasn't in it at the time), and left the store in hysterics because she didn't want to go home yet.  Yesterday my sister and I braved Amvets with not 3, but 4 children in tow, as well as her being 39 weeks pregnant.  Recipe for disaster.  Other than Leighton fussing the whole time because I wouldn't let her down, it went rather well.  My top three moments were:
#1 Brooklyn saying, "I looooooooove this pace," when we walked in the door and she realized where we were. 
#2 The girls finding an old woman wig and trying it on and giggling their little heads off (don't freak out all you germaphobes, just let tit go, I had to).
#3 Finding these...
a stitchers delight for sure.  Thrift on!


  1. yes just let tit go.... :) mh

  2. After Heathers(Life Made Lovely) hoop art swap was over, I scored big time on embroidery floss & hoops at my local thrift store.
    Speaking of the swap, my partner was Nicole from Gidget Goes Home. Shes a fellow sister in Christ and lives in Southern Cali too. You should totally look her up!