Thursday, March 24, 2011

my powder room

One of my favorite rooms in the house right now is my bathroom.  We didn't do much to it when we moved in- it was one of the rooms that actually had a decent color of paint so we just left it alone.  The only real attention it got was a thorough scrub down and a new shower curtain.  18 months passed and I still hadn't done much more aside from some plain rugs and towels- purely functional at this point.   I guess the hold up was I couldn't really decide what to do with it.  I knew it had to be an extension of the bedroom since it has an open doorway to the vanity area, but since my room was still a work in progress I was kind of stuck.  Finally I made the decision to paint (thanks Brett!) two shades lighter than the bedroom- an light icy blue.  And then the rest started to come together... 
and now I've got to go clean out under both sinks- you wouldn't want a picture of that would you?!?


  1. Your bathroom might also be my favorite room in your house. And the colors are yes!


  2. love all those fun colors... and your hoop art is awesome!