Thursday, March 10, 2011

And the daffodils look lovely today...

I love spring for lots of reasons (since we've had several very warm days I've now officially declared it spring).  One is flowers.  For sure my faves are raunculas, dahlias, and daffodils.  So in honor of my self pronounced begining of spring I brought home 3 bunches of daffys from Vons this week.  It is so amazing to see how simple green stalks, that could have easily been mistaken for green onions or even asparagus, can turn into these amazingly delicate, simply beautiful flowers. 

Here's 2 views of my spring may notice some differences between the two...same spot, same light, same camera...different lens! You've got to get yourself a 50mm fixed lens if you don't have one for your DSLR.  They aren't expensive and make a world of difference in your photos.   I promise you will love it as much as I do.

50mm fixed 

28-90mm zoom

PS: Bonus points to anyone who recognizes the title of this post and names the song the lyrics come from...


  1. How can you not be happy with in your house? They are beautiful. We went to Julian last weekend and they were everywhere. Turns out that they have a big Daffodil Festival every year.

  2. Cranberries!