Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cookies and Love

Our church has an amazing ministry that we have been able to be part of for several years now.  Basically a group of men visits a local prison and has the opportunity to present the gospel to the inmates there.  The hook to get the inmates to the service...a dozen homemade cookies.   Now knowing what we know about prison food, its would be hard to find a guy who would refuse homemade cookies.  So, many hopeless and forgotten men have the opportunity to hear about a God who loves and forgives, even them.   The miraculous stories of redemption and reconciliation in the lives of these men always amazes me.  And all because of chocolate chip cookies.

So, Brooklyn and I spent the afternoon baking 48 chocolate chip cookies and making cards to deliver to the prisoners.  Simple cards with simple truths about God's love for them.  She was so excited to make the cards and and one point even said, "Mr. or Mrs. Prisoner is going to love this card!"  
We talked about how all people need to know God's love and forgiveness.  
We talked about how we can be part of bringing hope to people's lives.  
We talked about how Jesus tells us in the Bible that when we visit those in prison, we are actually ministering to Him.
And Brooklyn prayed for the men who would receive the cookies, 
"Dear God, be with the prisoners and turn their hearts to you.  Amen"

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