Monday, March 7, 2011

evenings lately

When the 8:00 calm finally hits the house, Brett and I have a little time to unwind. 
For the past several nights unwinding has looked like this...
Brett on mandolin and me on hoop (almost done by the way).  
Which is a drastic improvement from the usual Brett on iphone and me in blog world.

Totally reminded me of this

and this
and since you can't see my face,
you have to assume that I look at him with the same swooning eyes.


  1. If I could erase out those cats.. i would buy that poster for you right now!!! That is totally you guys. Swooning eyes and all.

  2. Did you draw the hoop art or is it a pattern? Steph

  3. I wish I would've drawn it. Its a pattern I bought online. Isn't it adorable? I'll post the link to the artist when I'm done with it...maybe I'll finish tonight!