Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Father Daughter Dance- the sequel

This weekend was the acclaimed Father Daughter Dance.  The one the girls have been looking forward to since last year's.  My girls absolutely adore their Daddy and were beyond excited to go with him again.  
They loved all the primping- bubble bath, manicures, and more than 3 second hair styling.  
They loved donning their pantyhose and "Father Daughter dresses".  
I loved that they assumed that you wear the same dress year after year.  
They loved watching Brett get dressed- they were fascinated by the tie tying since its a real rarity around here.
I loved seeing Ellie trying to convince Brett to wear the bright red geranium boutonniere she picked out of the neighbors yard.  
And I especially loved Brooklyns comment when she got home, "They played a Justin "Beaver" song Mom, and I tried to cover my ears but it was hard to dance like that."

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  1. It doesn't get much sweeter than this. Love it.