Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wanna lick?

For Brooklyn's birthday we decided to do ice cream cone cupcakes to bring in to her class.  I have wanted to try this for a while and thought kindergartners would get a kick out of it.  
I read that there were three basic ways to make them:
1.  Bake cupcakes in liners, remove the cupcakes and press them into the top of the cone, then frost.  To avoid the top heavy problem, fill the cone with candy before putting the cupcake on top.  Check out this video.
2.  Pour batter in the liner (like regular cupcakes), but before baking, invert a cone on the top.
3.  Bake the cupcake batter in the cone, then frost when cooled.
#1 looked the coolest and had the candy surprise in the cone, but I thought it might send the kids into sugar overload.  #2 seemed a bit strange so I opted for #3, which I actually would do again, but with minor adjustments.The first being, not to fill the cones so much.  Here's what I did...

You really need about 1/2 that much batter.  Lots oozed over, got gooey, and had to be thrown away.  Secondly, I would use homemade frosting and a large holed pastry bag to give the soft serve effect on the top.  I did like the sprinkles and the gumball though- cute right?  It took all that was in me to not throw them all in the trash and start over (actually it just took Brett saying-don't you dare remake those).  So I had to put my perfectionistic tendencies aside and remember they were for 5 and 6 year-olds who could care less, and go with it.  A good lesson for me.  And don't even ask me how I transported them.....

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