Monday, February 7, 2011

Adoring Aunties

A sweet baby girl is about to be born, and she has 6 aunties who adore her already.   The showers have been thrown, the crib is ready, now we're just waiting for her arrival.  When she comes home to her adorable nursery, she will see her name, chosen especially for her, and the loving notes reminding her of the 6 ladies that love her and her momma so much. 


  1. It's perfect. Absolutely perfect. Nice job, Erin!


  2. This gift was the most amazing present! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful ladies in my life. Erin, God has blessed you with talents beyond words. This little baby is already so loved. I love you so much friend!!!!
    I only wish that all Rachels 6 aunties could have been there to enjoy the afternoon!