Friday, February 18, 2011

Raggedy, Ellie, and Me

I love the time I get to spend with each of my girls individually.  It is so special to connect with just one girl, undistracted by an older more talkative one, or a younger more demanding one.  Nap time stories have been this special one-on-one time for Ellie and me.  As a part of my classic girly book collection, I picked up Raggedy Ann Stories from the thrift store and we have been sharing a story each afternoon before naps.  Just the two of us, no one else.  We are the only ones who know how Raggedy was almost lost when she got tied to a kite, and how she got re-stuffed with a candy heart inside, and how she was always kind and loving even when the other dolls were not.  Cuddling next to Ellie on her tiny toddler bed, Raggedy Ann under her arm, thumb in her mouth on a quiet very special.

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