Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sample this

Last night my good friend Eli came over for dinner with her family.  Not only did I ruin my lo-carb plan with dinner...lasagne, I killed it with dessert.  She brought over 5 amazing pasty desserts form a local bakery and we made a sampler platter for each of us.  Strawberry shortcake, tirimisu, carmel pecan torte, cream puff, and some other floofy, yummy cookie thing.  All super delicious.

Three of us finished them all off.  Eli blamed inability to finish hers on her second helping of lasagna.  I was shocked because this is a girl who loves sweets as much as I do.  Although she may be turning over a new leaf considering she was up at 5 that morning for spin class-that is after sleeping in her workout clothes so she had no excuse but to get up and get moving- dare I try it?

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