Friday, February 4, 2011

The bins

One of the most cost efficient things about having 3 girls is the recycling of clothes.  Since Brooklyn was born, I have been saving her clothes for potential sisters down the line.  Bins upon bins all labeled by size and season have filled our closets, been stuffed under the bed, and kept high above our heads in the attic. I would have never guessed when packing away those pink onesies that they would be used by 2 more girlies and never be replaced by blue ones.   So this weekend was "out with the old, in with the less old"  for Leighton.  Now at the ages the girls are at now, its kind of cool to get your sisters old clothes (that is if you can get her to admit they really are too small and she shouldn't be wearing them anymore), but I'm sure our time is ticking with this method and the day will soon come when poor Ellie and Leighton realize they have no new clothes to speak of.  


  1. And we'll find out on Wed if Baby Bubb will someday need some of those hand-me-downs....


  2. I do the same thing. I tell Kev, "I'm going shopping" and head out into the garage. I love the process of pulling the clothes out, remembering when Luke wore them, washing, and putting them in the closet. Charlie and Jack wear the same size, so that means I take all their clothes and pass them on to friends. It is sad and refreshing at the same time.