Saturday, February 12, 2011

Estate Sale

I have never been to an estate sale before today.  The thought of it has always intrigued me though.  I am a naturally nosy curious person, so rummaging through every detail of a stranger's life sounds like my kind of fun.  Well today was the day.  I actually got Brett to go with me (I told him the Craig's list listing said they had tube amplifiers and he was in) and we also brought the girls (who were amazing for the entire hour and a half we were there).  It turned out to be the perfect blend of several of Brett's and my interests (thus the hour and a half).  This guy was a collector let me tell you.  I poured over the old cameras and books, Brett spent his time picking though boxes of tools and electronic stuff and the girls had their eyes glued to his viewfinder collection (which did include Michael Jackson's Thriller!).

I have to say it was fun, exciting, weird, and sad to be there though.  Of course I was stoked about my bag of treasures (which somehow only cost $25 for the whole thing!).  But the whole time I was going room by room realizing a real person lived here, amassed all this stuff in his 80 or so years of life, and now he was gone.  His bar of soap and shampoo still in the shower, his shoes still on the floor, his eyeglasses still on the dresser and his alarm clock still set.  And now all the things he treasured, that brought him joy and happiness in life were plastered with orange price tags and being taken home by strangers who bartered down the price by half.

A real reminder that I need to be building my treasure in heaven;
using my time an resources to invest in the things that really last.

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