Sunday, February 13, 2011

A box of chocolates...

I wanted to give my girls a little something special for Valentine's Day.  Nothing expensive... something thoughtful... nothing that would add to the stuffed animal/toy clutter that is currently driving me mad...maybe something yummy...but a small something yummy...definitely not a pound of conversation hearts.  Anyway, I was at Walmart in the Val's Day section and saw some cute heart candy boxes for kiddos that were $3, 
and then some not so cute ones that were only $1.   

 So here they are, the cutest $1 ones I could find.  But wait...

with a little creativity, some scrapbook supplies of yesteryear, and a lot of love, they've got a one of a kind personalized heart box of chocolates (don't worry there's only 4 pieces inside).  So its decided, each year my new tradition for the girls is to make them a special valentine's box of chocolates.



  1. That is really sweet - no pun intended :) Now, they'll enjoy the chocolate, later when they are older they enjoy the thought/work you put into it just for them!

  2. yes.. its a perfect answer. I love them. They look so cute!!! Good job mom!

  3. Super sweet $1 idea! And awesome Estate Sale finds!!!

    I'm Emily, coming your way from 'Blessed Little Nest'. Your family is beautiful!