Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Somewhere over the.....

You can go from this...

to this...
to this...

to this!

Ellie is turning three this week and wanted a pinata at her party. Now she has been prepping for her "Buzz Lifeyear"(as she calls it) party for nearly a year now. We decided to do a family party and I couldn't justify a pinata for only three kids. Nor could I find a Toy Story pinata, which is bazaar considering the recent Toy Story hype. So our solution was to bring a pinata and cupcakes to a potluck we are going to with several families from church. Now you would think my proximity to the Mexican border would put me in a fine place to find an amazing cheap pinata. But unless I actually wanted to cross the border, I would have to give an arm and a leg at Pinata World for something that would soon be smashed to pieces. So I decided we would attempt to make one of our own. After inspecting the pinatas at Target (what kid wants a bull, burro, or star pinata?) I was ready to go. And would you believe the whole thing cost me under a dollar? Now the real test will be when it gets hit. Hopefully it won't bust on the first try- but hey, if the kids get candy, that's really all that maters right?


  1. To me it looks like Fort Knox. You sure the kids will be able to get this thin open? It is beautiful. Buzz light year? hmmmm, she will never remember when she gets spun around with the hype of impending raining candy. mh

  2. Id love an update as to how long it took them to get this baby open:) Its amazing and Ive bookmarked it for our parties next fall. Thanks for sharing!