Saturday, May 29, 2010

I had a flashback when I was creating this doll to 20+ years ago when my mom made my sister and I faux Cabbage Patch Kids. She refused to give into the frivolous trend saying she could make us one just like it. I insisted on having the first one but soon realized the second one was much better and tried to persuade my sister out of hers (the story of my youth). Anyway, they were both much larger than the real dolls, with scrunched up faces and out of control yarn hair.

This was my first attempt at a Black Apple doll featured a couple years ago on Martha Stewart. Very easy and fun to make. My biggest mistake (no pun intended) was over-enlarging the pattern and creating an enourmous version of what was to be a little shelf doll. And I thought I was being ambitious by cutting out the other two dolls as well, both over-sized.

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  1. Why have we never discussed this before. I too wasn't allowed the real cabbage patch doll and had an oversized blonde yarn doll. I'm going to send you a picture.