Sunday, May 2, 2010

Out of the mouth of babes

Ellie is sick again. And she has a real problem when she can't eat what she wants. Last night at dinner we all had pizza and all she could have was saltines and water. She was furious at us. So after 24 hours with no barfing I finally let her eat. She picked a corn dog and blueberries. That should be fun to clean up if it doesn't stay down.
"I won't throw up Mommy," she said.
"Ellie its not you, its your body that throws up," Brooklyn responded. So wise.

Earlier today Brooklyn asked Ellie if she could pray for her. Ellie said no. Brooklyn grabbed her little hands and prayed anyway.
"I didn't want you to pray Brooklyn," Ellie said.
"Its too late Ellie. I already did and God is going to do it. Sorry," was her response. Again, wise beyond her years.

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