Saturday, November 26, 2011

thank you black friday

I'd love to be a black Friday shopper.  
a.  I love to shop.  
b.  I love a reason to get up early (other than children crying to get out of their cribs).  
c.  I love the thrill of a bargain hunt
But at this point in my life, my only black friday shopping is in the comfort of my own home, in front of a computer screen.  No amount of savings is worth toting around 3 tired, grumpy children and subjecting them to waiting in lines longer than Disneyland, with much less of a thrill at the end.
I did, however manage to drag the girls out of the house for some Saturday shopping.  I figured these two places would not have the holiday shopping insanity that the mall would.  First stop, Dollar tree.  No black Friday sales there.   At Dollar tree every day is Black Friday.  Second stop, thrift store.  Not a lot of holiday shopping going on there either.  But what do you know, they did have a 50% off sale!  Who knew?  So...

I just couldn't...


 these beauties form Christmases long ago...
from my favorite hole in the wall thrift store...
for $3.25 total.
Thank you Black Friday for keeping all the other shoppers away form my store.


  1. Please fix that caroler on the left's eye!


  2. love it!! delightful, kitschy christmas goodness!!