Saturday, November 5, 2011

beyond redicerous

Check this out. It is beyond redicerous.   Apparently moms are going nuts over trying to get their kids to be exposed to chicken pox.  Nuts enough to host parties with chicken pox infected kids in hopes theirs will catch it.  Nuts enough to buy contaminated toys, blankets, jammies and even lollipops to spread the disease to their kids.  Are you kidding me?  I thought we were trying to avoid getting our kids sick.  To quarantine those with the pox in hope they don't so much as breathe on our children.  And then there's the even more (as if that's possible) redicerous side...the moms who are using their poor sick kids to make a buck.  "Here Bobby suck on this lollipop, snuggle with this teddy, wear these jammies...Now quick give them here, I've got an order in Arizona for a contamination party pack."   Absolutely absurd I say.  Absolutely absurd.


  1. I know a lady who hosted a party and well after I expressed my concern and confusion about the ridiculousness we are no longer ...close

  2. That's out of control. Yikes.