Saturday, October 8, 2011


Typically for me, Julian means one pie.  But we expanded our horizons this year and tried our hands at apple picking.  First impression of the place was of the manager/owner guy.  Try to imagine an Irishman meets hippie meets pirate and you've nailed the guy.  Sleeps in a tepee with a stair-master sitting outside.  Lots of metal/skull "sculptures" on display.  Beyond weird, but the guy grows a good apple, so hey.  Anyway, kiddos loved it.  Thrill of the hunt of course.  Always trying to collect an equal number of reds and greens.  Also the fact that you can eat all you want while you pick was key.  Especially for Ellie.  After carefully shining up each apple, she would take 4 or 5 bites (granted they were small apples) and then say, "That one's done," and chuck it into the orchard.  I think she polished off almost a dozen.  Leighton was fascinated by all the fallen apples and couldn't stop saying, "That one, yucky one."  And of course there's the bag carrying.  Everyone wants to be the one to carry first.  Then when the thing fills up to 4 pounds or so, no one wants to.  Typical.  I'll tell you what I did want to carry though...

this plate to my table.  
Cinnamon ice cream smothering dutch apple pie. And I didn't have to share a smidge with anyone.  
Till next year Julian...

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  1. Perhaps the best part of the day was not having to share with anyone??? Nah, it had to be the apple picking. : )