Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween 2011



Ragggedy Ann

As expected, we went girly girl this Halloween.  Brooklyn left the tower as Rapunzel, Ellie stepped out of the popular picture book as Pinkalicious and Leighton crawled off the toy shelf as Raggedy Ann.  I typically like to make my own costumes, but had to go with the purchased ones this year (actually more cost effective if you can believe it).  You (along with everyone at the Fall Festival) are asking, "Is that Brooklyn's real hair?"  and the answer is...not completely.  She does have pretty long hair, but it got even longer with the genius find of a wad clump skein head (what on earth do you call that?) of hair for only $2.50 from a beauty supply store.  Sure beats the $20 Disney wig right?!.  Anyway, we spent the evening at the church/school fall festival playing games, eating yummy food- like cotton candy and snow cones, and consuming large amounts of candy.  Okay, when I say we, I really mean Brett, Grandma, Grandma Judy and the girls.  I spent the entire evening here...
selling almost 500 slices of pizza pizza at the cutest booth on the block.

And that will pretty much wrap up our Halloween celebrations this year. Considering Ellie is deathly afraid of something as harmless as the Chick-Fil-A cow costume, we don't want to risk scaring her socks off with the spooky sights and sounds that come along with trick or treating.