Friday, October 14, 2011


No matter how hard us southern Californians try to convince ourselves, there really is no fall here.  In the rest of the country, the weather dictates fall behavior.  Here, we have to conjure up the fall feeling on our own.  Faux fall if you will. 

For example, elsewhere cold temperatures= boots, scarves, and sweaters.  But here fashion= boots, scarves and sweaters.  Because in reality we could be in jeans, tees, and sandals all year long.  Okay, maybe a sweatshirt on those really chilly days in the mid sixties but that's about it.
Elsewhere they have to drink hot fancy coffees and eat butternut squash soup to warm their cold cores.  But here, we could be sipping frappachinos and eating sushi every day and still often break a sweat.
Elsewhere they have enough leaves in their front yard to fill a dump truck.  But here, we have to make our own out of felt and yarn.

Nonetheless, we have a fond affection for faux fall.  And even if its not the "real deal" that other people get, we'll be wearing our plaid flannels, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and making our wax paper and crayon leaves like it is.

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  1. lovely instas!
    yes! enjoy what you have;)
    our fall is short here...soaking up as much glory as i can before winter!