Thursday, October 6, 2011

back to bakin'

I've spent the last two nap-fternoons doing one of my favorite things.  Especially on fallish afternoons, sipping coffee, in a vintage apron.  Baking.  Grown up food yesterday- apple crumble loaf for the teachers at school, kiddie food today- apple cupcakes for apple day in Brooklyn's class tomorrow.  I've realized it had been a long time since I enjoyed the peace and relaxation that baking involved.  Could be the diet plan that pretty much outlaws butter, chocolate and sugar- three most important ingredients in baking as far as I'm concerned.  Could be the fact that I usually do it with one big girl cracking egg shells into the batter, one middle girl snitching licks every time I turn my back, and one little girl lying on the floor crying for my attention (or her 7th baba of the day).  Could also be the fact that is has been super hot over the last month and when I turn the oven on our house becomes the face of the sun.  Whatever the reason...I'm back and bakin' with a vengeance.  And fall afternoons are the perfect time. 


  1. glad your back! baking is one of my ways to relax as well! :)

  2. I am going to borrow both recipes! I have been crafting a baking too. I'm glad you are back into the game.