Friday, July 15, 2011

barbosol babes

So... summer morning, shaving cream, wading pool, bathing suits, 4 girlies...sound fun?  I got the genius idea (along with so many others) here.  The girls really had no idea what the stuff was since daddy uses an electric razor, but they knew it looked fun. It was so cute to watch them get deeper and deeper in the foam.   Leighton ended up looking like a baby abominal snowman crossed with Cindy Lou Who. 
If you dare to try on your own please note:  
  1. super slippery
  2. clean up is a kind of a bummer
  3. probably easier to do in the bathtub (but of course not nearly as fun)
  4. shaving cream doesn't dissolve in water very easily (so rinsing isn't the best method)
  5. wiping it with a towel works much better
  6. the less clothing, the better
  7. Barbosol smells like an old man
  8. getting messy is just plain fun!


  1. We did this once and once was enough. They loved playing in it, I didn't love the clean up. ; )

  2. Looks like so much fun for them - and for photos! I bet the smell was intense.

  3. How do you do this with your pictures! I love it.