Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All I want for Chrithmath...

After over a week of harassing her to, "get that snaggletooth out already,"  she finally caved and let Daddy do the dirty work.  And what do you know, the old floss around the tooth trick actually does work.  Her classic comment,  "I think I really look cute with my tooth out.  I hope it doesn't' grow in before my class pictures"  I have to agree with her.  She is adorable right?  And I will admit for a mom who doesn't get too sentimental or emotional at her babies milestones, this one got me.  Looking at her perfect little squared off top tooth nearly (I said nearly) brought me to tears.  Thinking about how it will never be in her little mouth again...thinking about when it first popped though almost 6 years ago (and how I can hardly remember that now)...thinking about how someday I'll look at it and remember how little she really was... it gets me right there. 


  1. Yeah for Brooklyn! What happened to your safari picture of yourself? mh

  2. Wow - it's out! Congratulations to Brooklyn. Thanks for making me teary eyed. I remember getting to hold her days after coming home. So amazing!

  3. big milestone. Did you make a cute tooth fairy pillow? Your camera shot was so good in this picture. You can see the single strands of hair..