Thursday, June 16, 2011

back to the fair

Once again, Brett proved his unending love and devotion to me as we headed up to the San Diego County Fair this week.  I have to admit it did seem like more of a fiasco this year than ever before.  The parking traffic about did us in.  I also have to admit, my cinniman roll and pita were a bit on the dry side (which is a touch disappointing since I've been looking forweard to them since last year).  I know he is hoping I won't insist on this family tradition next year but, just like the pains of labor, fair pains are hard to endure but easy to forget.  I'm sure by next June I'll be rearin' to go.

Fair 2011 Highlights
  • The annual ferris wheel ride (Brooklyn is convinced she'll be up for the grand daddy of all ferris wheels next year)
  • Repeat of 2010 food highlights (veggie pita, bbq corn, fried zucchini, cinnamon roll, snow cones)
  • $3 admission
Fair 2011 Lowlights
  • Leighton freaking out at the farm animals (I guess she pictured them being a little smaller, like in her picture books.  I guess we should've started with the piglets instead of the prize winning hog)
  • Taking 2 hours to get from our front door to the front gate and then another 2 hours back home.
  • Having to make a run for the port-a potty while waiting in endless traffic (note- never tell 4 and 6 year-olds not to look down the hole- they can't help themselves)

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  1. Hmm, I started out thinking that I really want to bring the kids, but then I read the last part. Maybe not. : )