Saturday, June 25, 2011

i scream...

I am on a roll with my bucket list.  Last night we treated the girls (plus my Niece) to Baskin Robbins $1 Tuesday cones.  We should have known we were in for it with their ice cream selections alone.  How about choosing the most obnoxious flavors in existence?  2 of the 3 ended up on the floor within minutes of scooping (but I can't get on them too much for that since mine also became a sidewalk victim- don't think I didn't scoop that baby up and set her right back on the cone).  Trying to corral the girls, keeping the cones from dripping all over the place, wiping faces and hands over and over, keeping Leighton form picking old gum off the sidewalk...tons of fun right?


  1. LOL! It seems so much more enjoyable (all the pain and messiness of little ones) when you know someone else is going through it also! How fun...seriously!!