Monday, April 4, 2011

Play Dough

Some moms love play-dough... making their own dough, allowing kids complete freedom of artistic expression with it, using all the overpriced play-dough accessories.  Others are deathly afraid of it...the mess, the way it becomes food, the mess, the inevitable dry out, the mess, the color mixing, the mess.  I fall somewhere in the middle.  As long as its over tile or outside, I'm good.  Ive discovered kids have a play-dough spectrum as well.  Brooklyn was the queen of the dough.  She could play for hours, never had to be told not to eat it and never mixed colors.  She would have fits when friends would come over and mix colors, like they were breaking an unpardonable  play-dough law.  Ellie was at the opposite end for quite some time.  She ate play-dough for years.  Nothing I tried could keep it out of her mouth.  And she was the mix master.  Every dough in our beautiful collection slowly morphed into the ominous brown.  And this week, Leighton joined in.  As soon as she felt the squish between her fingers she grinned and said a big "thank you".  She seemed to enjoy it but as soon as she slipped a piece into her mouth she said, "all done" and wanted it out of her way.  Wonder what she'll do when I give her 2 colors?

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