Sunday, April 17, 2011


After 2 weeks of patiently waiting for the runny noses to subside, the girls finally got to meet their newest cousin, little Skyla.  Ellie's prayers have been "Lord, please, please (with drama galore), just please Lord, help us get better so we can go to see baby Sklya. A-Men"  For a child who refused to pray for the first almost 4 years of her life, she has really got the pleading with the Lord thing down.  Notice no pic of Leighton with Skyla.  Mostly because all she wanted to do was try out all of Skyla's gear and yank the paci out of her mouth.

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  1. Adorable prayer. That's good encouragement for my since my 5 year old does not like to pray out loud. Maybe someday. :)

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