Saturday, April 16, 2011


My love for bagels goes back a long way.  Like 25 years long.

First there were Saturday morning dates with my dad to The Bagel Company, and the egg bagel toasted with butter that started the infatuation that has continued to this day.

Then it was blue on blue (code for a blueberry bagel with blueberry cream cheese) or straw on straw (again code- but I'm sure you can figure this one out now) at Fresno Bagel with all my high school girl friends (which we may or may not have ditched class for).  We frequented the place so often the owners knew us all and always said goodbye (in their Vietnamese accent) with a "check yo bag, make shu eversing is zare" Which meant- look for the extra 4-5 bagels in the bag that were on the house.

And then on to college where we were torn between Garden State Bagels and the newly opened (at the time) Einstein Bagels.  Garden State had the styrofoam cups for the Diet Coke that must always be included on a successful bagel run.  And any good soda lover knows styrafoam is the best way to down a big one, so Garden State often won out.  Although when we realized we were old enough to drink coffee, Einey's evened the score with a Starbucks next door. 

And on to the newlywed days when the Bagel Bar was an every Sunday after church stop with my sis-in-law.  The cinnamon sugar twists with plain cream cheese beat all.

I don't know if all girls have the love for bagels that I do, but it always seems the closest friends I have are part of the "I love bagel club" with me.  And that I like.  So with the newest best littlest girlfriends in my life, I must instill the same love for all things round and doughy, smothered in all things creamy and cheesy.  Here they are this morning...
 1/2 straw 1/2 plain on blue for Brooklyn

straw on blue for Ellie

Now, it may not have been as relaxing as the old days, and I may have had to scarf down my bagel with a baby balanced on my lap, but it was good, and I know in time we will be able to sit and chill and not worry about dropping our bagel smear side down on the sidewalk.

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  1. I do love bagels. The boys especially love them. I love the ditching school part! I may or may not have ditched zero period chem with my friends for donut runs.