Wednesday, January 5, 2011

On a Scroll

If you know my husband well, you may have heard the story of his first grade class.  He was apparently way above the average first grade student at his school (big surprise right?) and would finish all his school work for the day before the teacher could even finish explaining the directions. This left him with a lot of time on his hands.  And lucky for him, he had some pretty creative hands and access to miles and miles of computer paper.  You know the kind that was in one long roll with perforated marks every so often.  Anyway, he would start a drawing and continue it on and on and on and then roll up his work into an enormous scroll.  As time went on the scroll got fatter and fatter so he would have to carry it with both arms. One day he ran into a serious snafu when the whole thing shot out from his hands like a Chinese yo-yo as he boarded the bus.  So in honor of her dad, this Christmas Grandma Judy thought Brooklyn could carry on the scroll tradition and got her over 300 feet of coloring pages all rolled up just like Daddy would do it.  She is planning on bringing it to show and tell tomorrow- let's just hope we don't have a repeat of the Chinese yo-yo incident.


  1. I can see the whole Chinese yo-yo incident in my head so clearly. Hilarious. mh

  2. I never knew this about Brett. That is awesome. The question is.. will Brett be joining Brooklyn for all the coloring? And I think we both know that answer. I wish his mom saved that scroll. Can you imagine what the doodles where of?