Saturday, January 22, 2011

100 Day of School Project

Brooklyn has officially finished 100 days of kindergarten!  Wow...100 mornings of often resistant uniform dressing, 100 rushed breakfasts, 100 not-so-creative hairstyles, 100 times nagging to "brush your teeth- and hurry up please", 100 lunches packed, 100 hugs and kisses goodbye, 100 on-time school drop offs (okay, there were actually only 99, we had one tardy)...and only 2,000 or so more to go until graduation!

So for her 100th day of school, she completed a project displaying 100 items.
Here's what she did...

 Sorted and counted 100 buttons...

 Left handed cutting (sometimes quite a challenge)

 Glued 100 buttons

 Finally all 100 are in place~

 Bubble gum anyone?


  1. WOW i like it i think i am going to do that for my 100th prject

  2. yeah i like that tooo is super actractive and i am also going to make that for my prject it looks goood and good for that girl....